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What Are The Causes Of Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is just like fingerprints. Even if the causes of tinnitus are listed under main headings, relevant findings vary from person to person, depending on the cause of the tinnitus as well as the location of its place of origin. Therefore, "tinnitus is specific to the person". The basic causes are listed below. Tinnitus may have many other causes.

· Stress, intense work activity

· Damage to the cell in the inner ear region, which sense the sound

· Problems in the nerves that transmit the noise to the brain

· Psychological causes, depression, anxiety

· Electrical activity disorders in the auditory regions in the brain

· Deficiencies of some vitamins and minerals in the body

· Hormonal changes in women

· Thyroid gland abnormalities (goitre)

· Age-related: Tinnitus sometimes is the first sign of hearing loss in elderly people

· It may appear as a side effect of drugs. More than 200 types of drug are known to cause tinnitus

· Exposure to severe sound trauma as a result of the shock wave of an explosion (tinitus may develop in soldiers and police officers exposed to explosions)

· Hearing loss due to noise (musicians, people working in a noisy factory or working environment)

· Memory and concentration problems can lead to tinnitus later on.

· Calcification of middle ear ossicles

. Head traumas, receive a blow to the head

· Eardrum holes

. Other causes (blockage of eustachian tube, fluid in the ears, local infections).

· Ear and sinus infections

. Certain systemic diseases in the body

. Deficiencies of Zinc, Vitamin B, and Some minerals in the blood

· Heart or blood vessel diseases

Intracranial vascular diseases, aneurysms, hemangiomas, arteriovenous shunts, etc.

· Brain tumors

· Some diseases characterized by dizziness (Meniere's disease) can be accompanied with tinnitus.

. It can accompany sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

· Ear wax