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High Frequency Audiometry

We use a ‘’ MADSEN Astera²’’ high frequency audiometry device in our clinic. It provides valuable information with special test modules for tinnitus assessment. Makes evaluations easy

In addition to conventional audiometry (125-8,000 Hz), extended high-frequency audiometry (9,000-20,000 Hz) is available.

high-frequency audiometry as one of the exams used on hearing monitoring of individuals exposed to high sound pressure in their work environment, due to the method́ s greater sensitivity in early identification of hearing loss caused by noise. The frequencies that compose the exam are generally between 9 KHz and 20KHz, depending on the equipment.

high frequency audiometry in tinnitus patients with normal conventional pure-tone audiometry (PTA) are related to tinnitus laterality and tinnitus severity. These findings suggest that the HF-audiometry ( high-frequency audiometry) can be a useful complementary audiological test in a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of tinnitus patients. It should be recommended as a standard procedure in tinnitus patients of younger age including children in the absence of clinical signs of hearing impairment. HF-audiometry might be of therapeutic value within the scope of counseling in explaining the etiopathogenesis of tinnitus to patients with normal conventional PTA but impaired high frequency hearing thresholds.

MADSEN Astera² high frequency audiometry

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