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The place of the FMRI examination in the tinnitus

With detailed advanced tests, the cause of the person's tinnitus can be identified in advance. One of these tests is the new generation FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) imaging test that has a field strength of 3 to 5 Tesla. The methods of examination developed over the last two years are revolutionary in the diagnosis of this disease. This device is modified and integrated with additional apparatuses to create these images for being able to identify cellular and neuronal activities. Its character should be suitable especially for studies in the field of tinnitus. In addition, there is a need for a radiology team specialized in the imaging of tinnitus, which is able provide information particularly about details of the auditory pathways in FMRI. The radiology team that will carry out the work should have the required knowledge and experience in neuro-radiology, as well as the ability to use this superior device properly as a result of serious training. In this way, it is possible to objectively identify the problematic areas in the auditory pathways and centers, by means of the functional FMRI imaging procedures that will be carried out meticulously.

Our study group works synchronously with our radiology team. As a result of these precision studies, we can now identify the cause of tinnitus with an accuracy rate of up to 100%. With these multiparametric FMRI studies, mapping of the brain is possible. In our studies, we can see the details of each fiber and axonal cell in the nerves seen on FMRI images. By this means, we know better what to do in case of tinnitus, and how to treat it. As a result of these tests, we increase our success in the treatment by identifying the cause of tinnitus and the generator site. Besides FMRI images, detailed auditory tests and laboratory studies are also helpful in diagnosing.